The Author

In 2009, following the loss of their beloved daughter the previous year, Dipak and his wife, Radha, launched the Jhumki Basu Foundation, to carry on her remarkable legacy. 

The same year, with the support of an army of Jhumki’s well-wishers and her extensive archives, Dipak took on the responsibility to write his daughter’s biography. For Mission to Teach, Dipak drew on his prior writing experience in historical fiction: A Flight of Green Parrots, published in 2004, and its sequel, The Tide of Silver, to be released in 2014.

Dipak Basu

Dipak has spent much of his life employing technology in humanitarian missions worldwide. In 2006, he set up Anudip Foundation, a nonprofit company dedicated to improving livelihoods of poor rural people in developing countries through training in information technology and entrepreneurship. He currently serves as Anudip’s Chairman and CEO.

In 2001 Dipak founded and served as Executive Director of NetHope, a technology alliance of the world’s largest aid agencies, applying innovative high-tech solutions to aid operations in the world’s impoverished, disaster-affected and war-torn regions.

From 1995 to 2006, Dipak held senior management positions in Product Management and Professional Services at Cisco Systems. Prior to Cisco, Dipak served as a consultant to the Government of India, developing communications solutions for the country’s steel, energy, banking and hospitality sectors.

Dipak is the recipient of the Tech Laureate award for IT in Humanity and the President’s Award from Save the Children. He is a Cisco Leadership Fellow, a Reuters Digital Vision Fellow, and a Fellow of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers.

From a blog by the author: 

“It is difficult to categorize Jhumki’s book for the pundits - but I must. It is first and foremost a biography. It is about an inspirational teacher. It is about democratic teaching. It is about fundamental change to bring America back to the forefront of scientific innovation. It is about courage and grace under relentless fire. It is about the ravages of a deadly and insidious disease and one victim’s steadfast refusal to let it dominate her. It is about family, friends, fellow creatures, food, travel, love, tragedies, achievements, life, death and beyond…”