What is Science and Why Should We Care?

Posted by Dipak Basu on Jun 12, 2013

On Logosjournal, Alan Sokal shares with you a few reflections about the nature of scientific inquiry and its importance for public life.

High School Dropout Rates For Minority And Poor Students Disproportionately High

Posted by Dipak Basu on May 30, 2013

Huffington Post: Debate over the No Child Left Behind revision continues on the Senate floor as lawmakers attempt to find middle ground on how the education law should be changed, and how it can best serve students and teachers while improving the American education system.

Fixing School Dropouts and Job Loss - with Curiosity

Posted by Dipak Basu on May 29, 2013

For three million college kids and the same number from high school, there will be caps, gowns, speeches, parties, and plans for college or a job. But for more than a million young persons this year there will be no joy of receiving a diploma or entering the workplace. Rather than lock up our youngsters, import workers and export jobs, wouldn’t it be great if our dropouts could be helped to complete school, finish college, and find employment?

Bayer Corp and Education

Posted by Shaun Robinson on Mar 22, 2013

The Bayer Corporation recently released a new report "STEM Education, Science Literacy and the Innovation Workforce in America." This report provides analysis and insights from the Bayer Facts Science Education Surveys conducted from 1995-2011.

Why should anyone read Jhumki’s biography?

Posted by Jai Natarajan on Dec 22, 2012

Jhumki’s life will be of interest not only to teachers, education researchers, policy makers, cancer victims and caregivers, but to folks who like an inspirational story with someone they can identify themselves because...

The Cinque Terre Manifesto

Posted by Dipak Basu on Aug 02, 2012

In this dramatic journal entry, a 20-year-old Jhumki describes her mindset as she pulled herself back from the edge following a grievous personal tragedy in 1998. What she went through that year had a huge impact on her psyche and future direction in life.

My favorite picture

Posted by Dipak Basu on May 08, 2011

To start her story, here is one my favorite pictures of our daughter. It says a lot about her character and personality. She was to host a party in New York in early 2008 but it clashed with a chemotherapy appointment. Being Jhumki, she did both!