Why should anyone read Jhumki’s biography?

Posted by Jai Natarajan on Dec 22, 2012

Jhumki’s life will be of interest not only to teachers, education researchers, policy makers, cancer victims and caregivers, but to folks who like an inspirational story with someone they can identify themselves because...

...her biography is:

· An enquiry into the public education system – especially as pertains to science which is in retreat today taking with it America’s world leadership in scientific innovation – and a measured campaign to tackle it even after its proponent has departed this world

· A breathless sense of the pace of one’s life –how it should be, how much one can do when fully alive, how much one can leave behind when no more so

· A manifesto in favor of highly rational yet impassioned living – whether in the face of adversity or in celebration

· A life of inquisitiveness, curiosity about the physical world, unabashed love of learning and knowledge – a rejoinder to the reactionary ways of raising couch potato children in ignorance and “digital isolation” today. Flipped, it is also about parenting, about what it takes to really develop a child into a full person

· The immigrant experience framed within careers, education, ambition, emotional ties and global travel

· The all-encompassing strength of family, friends and teams – a lifelong investment into building bonds that endure

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