"Ms. Jhumki was golden, like a nova...and she was one of those lucky few that became a gorgeous nebula. We are the stars she left behind."

Jordan Franklin, poet and former student

"Jhumki's aura remains, like the afterglow of sunset"

Peter Bing, Chairman Emeritus, Stanford University Board of Trustees

“A moving, inspiring book about the brief yet exceptional life of a young woman, at once visionary and vulnerable”

Chitra Divakaruni, best-selling author

“I am motivated every day by her undying belief that teaching is a noble calling that deserves high esteem”

Helen Dole, science teacher

"Mission to Teach, will make you stop and think about the magnificent human spirit."

from Shaku Selvaraj's review in Financial Chronicle

"Mission to teach is a wonderful book about a truly incredible woman. Yes, you will weep for the loss of Jhumki but this should be a must-read book."

from a review by Closed the Cover

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"An Incredibly Inspiring Woman" -- from a review of Mission to Teach by Sharris

"Through reading this book you'll see how much Jhumki impacted so many people; people who will continue to fight for what she fought for.  Jhumki fought for children -- mainly children in low-income households and children of inner city minorities. I didn't want the book to end because I felt it would be the end of Jhumki. Everyone who came in contact with Jhumki was impacted in some way and changed forever. I think this biography is important so that her legacy can live on so she can continue to inspire teachers, students, people diagnosed with cancer or any disease for that matter, and anyone who wants to live a productive and full life. I believe anyone can learn something from Jhumki's life." 

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From other reviews:

"Mission to Teach,  is heart breaking, thought provoking,  inspiring,  moving, and life changing." --- Unorthodox Mama

"A vivid portrait of a dynamic, brave young woman who overcame a series of serious personal challenges without ever letting them defeat her, who held true to her vision of what education could be, and whose luminous spirit touched the lives of all who encountered her. Her father’s tribute is a loving, brave legacy for his awesome daughter." --- Merri Rosenberg, Educational Update Online.

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